Jet Stone & Silver Fist ( Higa o Figa de azabache)


Jet Stone Fist  (Higa-Figa de Azabache) against evil eye

Deeply rooted in the ancestral traditions of Galicia, this amulet provides protection against bad omens, envy and witchcraft.
It is represented as a clenched !st with the thumb placed between the index and middle finger. Should it ever break, it
would mean that its power has worked and a bad omen was averted.

Handmade in Santiago de Compostela, following the traditional methods of silver and jet stone elaboration

Small Size: large 30-37mm.x10mm.x10mm. aprox.

Medium size: 37-45 m.x12mm.x12mm. aprox.

Large size: 45-50 mm. x14mm.x14mm. aprox.

Because it is manual work, the dimensions and the filigree  may vary